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New England’s premier archery club, Algonquin Archers is located on 25 wooded acres in Woodbury, CT since 1957. Our facilities offer a 10 lane 20 yard indoor range, an outdoor practice range from 10 to 60 yards, a broadhead practice butt, a long range practice butt out to 90M, a full 14 station Field Course, and a 30 station 3D course. There are elevated platforms on the course that simulate shooting from a treestand.

   Algonquin Archers is a private club, members have full access to everything on the property and are allowed to bring guests on a limited basis. We are not open to the general public, except when advertised public tournaments are being held. You can email us through the contact page anytime if you are interested in applying for a membership.

We support a diversified group of archers ranging from Nationally competitive archers, hardcore bowhunters, traditional enthusiasts, and everything in between. We are Chartered members of the IBO, the NFAA and the CAA. We sponsor an After School Archery Program as well as a JOAD (Junior Olympic Archery Development) program for local youth archers. Family participation encouraged.


Junior Olympic Archery Development


Forms / Information

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Membership Applaction (pdf)


Algonquin Archers Membership Constitution (pdf)


2018 J.O.A.D Fall REGISTRATION Form (pdf)


2018 J.O.A.D Minor Waiver (pdf)


August 2018 Newsletter



MONTHLY MEETING- The next monthly meeting will be held on Tuesday, September 4, 2018 at 7p.m. 

   A cash prize drawing is taken at each monthly meeting. If a members name is drawn and is not present at the meeting, that member will not receive the prize. You must be at the meeting to win. Jack Grieder missed out on $160.  Next month the prize will be $170

Vice President

Joe D`Occhio has been nominated for the position of vice president.

Anyone that may also be interested in this position please make your interest known to one of the Board of Directors or call Bob Bruno, 860-250-2556, directly if you have any questions. Nominations must be made prior to the September monthly meeting

 Once we have a nomination(s) we will follow the guidelines set forth in the Constitution by-laws for a special election to vote on the candidates for this position.

DUES ALERT—Algonquin`s Fiscal year started in the month of June.

This is a reminder that the annual dues should have been paid at that time. If you have not paid your dues please contact Sue Redston

WELCOME NEW MEMBERS; Jeff Hiotakis; Chris Petitti; Pat Hlvna 

Algonquin`s Public 3D  Shoot

Algonquin Halloween/

Zombie Night Shoot

On Saturday October 13th 2018 the Zombie

Apocalypse Returns to Algonquin Archers Once Again!

We’ve fought the Zombies year after year at this time of year and this year is no different. Be prepared for some Halloween frights thrown in for celebration of our annual Halloween shoot.

If you've got what it takes to battle the Undead and other creatures of the night, bring your bow and help win this battle with silence and accuracy.
Activities to begin at 4:00, Zombie Dogs and Elbows and Cheese to be served at 5:00 and the shoot to start at dusk! Dessert and coffee served immediately following the shoot (Dessert donations are always welcome)

Adults $12, Children under 12 $6

Bring your own flashlights but NO SPOTLIGHTS    
As Always no crossbows

Shooting Seminar 

A Weekend Shooting Seminar featuring George Ryals will be held at Center Sports in Columbia sponsored by TBArchery.

The event will be held November 9, 10, and 11.

Attendance is limited to twenty participants.  Only about ten spots remain open.

Nov 9th will be a meet and great from about 5PM-8PM.  Saturday and Sunday will be about 8-4PM each day

Lunch is provided each day.  Cost is $350 per person.  A Non-refundable Deposit of $100 is required to save a spot.  The balance is due by November 1'st.

  Registration information can be obtained by contacting Tyler or Chuck Brush at A $100 deposit is required to reserve a spot. 


As hunting season approaches we are asking members to donate game for the annual Game Dinner which will be early in 2019

We are always looking for venison, but we also use just about any other type of wild meat, fish or fowl. The bone must be removed.  Each package must be labeled with your name and type of meat. We also need deer ribs, this is often overlooked when paying someone to process your deer, you must request that they save the ribs for you. Please call Bob Bruno and arrange for delivery/ pick up. Bob will also process the deer if need be. A deer  MUST be field dressed. We understand that some members don't know how to butcher an animal, or maybe even skin or de-bone it, that is why we offer this pick up service. Another option is to bring the animal to Bob's house, and get some hands on instruction if you want to learn about processing your game.

Do not hesitate to call Bob, at any reasonable time of day, to schedule a pick up or delivery.  Bob Bruno:  203-720-2124; 860-250-2556 cell


We are seeking donations of door prize items and raffle items for our annual game dinner.  We ask that all items be in new unused condition.   If you would like to make a contribution please contact Chuck Brush

Shoot Results

 Algonquin members have been attending IBO shoots throughout New England. Congratulations to those members who finished in the top 3.

New England Regional IBOChampionship

MSR---Bill Romanchick---1

STRD---Bill Guiffredo---1


Membership cards will be e-mailed to most members on a standard business card template. Members will then be able to print their own cards.

Members that receive this newsletter via US Postal Service will receive the card information either by phone or mail.


There is always a great need for volunteers to handle the large variety of work activities that are necessary to keep the club, it`s property, and it`s activities in operation.

The club has a program where members can receive a $10/hr credit, for a maximum of 5 hrs, $50, that will apply towards their next dues payment in the following Fiscal year, which is in the month of June.  

Sue Redston,, must be contacted in order to, record any work hours that a member has performed, to keep a total of a members work hours, and to assure the proper credit is applied.  


As an archery club, we are very fortunate to have an Indoor Range and 3 outdoor courses on our property: 3-D, Field, and Knock-a-Block. All members need to remember that multiple archers, can be  on any of the courses, at any given time.


Also, for your awareness, you may see hunters on the property. Do not be alarmed, as these are club members that have permission to bow hunt deer and turkey.

Have fun, Stay Alert, and be aware of other shooters at all times.

*FaCEBOOK----Algonquin Archers has a FACEBOOK page. Search “Algonquin Archers”

Contact Us

Bob Bruno or 860-250-2556

Algonquin Archers