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New England’s premier archery club, Algonquin Archers is located on 25 wooded acres in Woodbury, CT since 1957. Our facilities offer a 10 lane 20 yard indoor range, an outdoor practice range from 10 to 60 yards, a broadhead practice butt, a long range practice butt out to 90M, a full 14 station Field Course, and a 30 station 3D course. There are elevated platforms on the course that simulate shooting from a treestand.

   Algonquin Archers is a private club, members have full access to everything on the property and are allowed to bring guests on a limited basis. We are not open to the general public, except when advertised public tournaments are being held. You can email us through the contact page anytime if you are interested in applying for a membership.

We support a diversified group of archers ranging from Nationally competitive archers, hardcore bowhunters, traditional enthusiasts, and everything in between. We are Chartered members of the IBO, the NFAA and the CAA. We sponsor an After School Archery Program as well as a JOAD (Junior Olympic Archery Development) program for local youth archers. Family participation encouraged.

February 2019 Newsletter

FEBRUARY 2019 Algonquin Archers Newsletter

MONTHLY MEETINGThe March monthly meeting will be held on Tuesday, March 5, 2019 at 7p.m.
A cash prize drawing is taken at each monthly meeting. If a members name is drawn and is not present at the meeting, that member will not receive the prize. A member must be present to win.  Kevin Cammilletti`s name was drawn at the February 2018 meeting but Kevin was not present, thus he did not win the cash prize. Next month the prize will be reset to $90

FAREWELLSadly, long time life member George York has passed away. George was involved with his father in the club's formation and served on the board of directors for many years. RIP George 
CAA  300 Championship
Algonquin Archers is holding a major public Indoor 300 Round State Championship  shoot March 1-4. Shooting Lines at 10am and 1pm on Saturday and Sunday.Kids can shoot Friday at 6pm.
Please contact  Sean Roberts, 203 510 8896, to volunteer your help and for more information

 Feb. 2018 Game Dinner was a record success netting the club approximately $7300.00. 169 dinner tickets were sold. The gun raffle brought in roughly $2000.00 and the general raffle $1600.00. 

**This event is an outstanding and wonderful effort by the membership.

A Great job was performed by the kitchen staff led by Mike O`Connor, and many other membersthat assisted with the food preparation, and delivered an unbelievably delicious and diverse menu.Kudos to the many members that worked the night of the dinner;and members that donated game.You know who you are, and we thank you very very much for your help and continuing support in making everything we do a success.A special thank you to Burt Rosa, Dave Blersch and Enrique Aragon for their generous donations of venison. 

A discussion of the menu revealed that the pasta fagoli, stuffed mushrooms and the variety of desserts were a hit with the diners. Plans for next years dinner will include another gun raffle.Many thanks to Chuck Brush for putting on a creative and profitable raffle,Sue Redston for being the auctioneer, and all those individuals and businesses who contributed items for the raffle prizes at the Game Dinner.
June is the start of our fiscal year. Membership renewals are due at this time.This year the renewals will be sent out as hard-copy via the postal system. It was determined that this should avoid anyone missing the notice for renewal. Also, hard-copy membership cards will be sent to everyone as their membership is renewed.  Members who wish to pay at a monthly meeting, rather than through the mail, may do so.
Chuck Brush and Jason Syman are working on producing a triathlon shoot for this year. The course will consist of a full 300 round, seven marked distance field targets and ten 3D targets. It is thought that there will be a $10.00 entry fee, and another fee, for those who want to shoot for a cash pot. Details will be forthcoming as the event is formulated and scheduled.
CLUB ENTRY GATE----When locking the gate please be sure that the combination lock isplaced under the protective cover to prevent the lock from freezing from rain and snow.
WORK HOURSThere is always a great need for volunteers to handle the large variety of work activities that are necessary to keep the club, it`s property, and it`s activities in operation.The club has a program where members can receive a $10/hr credit, for a maximum of 5 hrs, $50,that will apply towards their next dues payment in the following Fiscal year, which is in the month of June.  
Frank Czajkowski,,, must be contacted in order to, record any work hours that a member has performed, to keep a total of a members work hours, and to assure the proper credit is applied.  

*BE ALERT----SAFETY FIRSTAs an archery club, we are very fortunate to have 3 outdoor courses on our property: 3-D, Field, and Knock-a-Block. All members need to remember that multiple archers , can be out on any of the 3 courses, at any given time. Safety always comes first.Also, for your awareness, you may see hunters on the property. Do not be alarmed, as these are club members that have permission to bow hunt deer and turkey. Have fun, but Stay Alert, and be aware of other shooters at all times. *FaCEBOOK----Algonquin Archers has a FACEBOOK page. Search “Algonquin Archers”**WEB PAGE: The monthly newsletter and additional club information can be found  at




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