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New England’s premier archery club, Algonquin Archers is located on 25 wooded acres in Woodbury, CT since 1957. Our facilities offer a 10 lane 20 yard indoor range, an outdoor practice range from 10 to 60 yards, a broadhead practice butt, a long range practice butt out to 90M, a full 14 station Field Course, and a 30 station 3D course. There are elevated platforms on the course that simulate shooting from a treestand.

   Algonquin Archers is a private club, members have full access to everything on the property and are allowed to bring guests on a limited basis. We are not open to the general public, except when advertised public tournaments are being held. You can email us through the contact page anytime if you are interested in applying for a membership.

We support a diversified group of archers ranging from Nationally competitive archers, hardcore bowhunters, traditional enthusiasts, and everything in between. We are Chartered members of the IBO, the NFAA and the CAA. We sponsor an After School Archery Program as well as a JOAD (Junior Olympic Archery Development) program for local youth archers. Family participation encouraged.

January 2019 Newsletter


MONTHLY MEETING- The next monthly meeting will be held on Tuesday, FEB.5, 2019 at 7p.m. 

   A cash prize drawing is taken at each monthly meeting. If a members name is drawn and is not present at the meeting, that member will not receive the prize. You must be at the meeting to win. Ken Moore was drawn at the January meeting but was not present to collect the winnings. Next month the prize will be $80 

Board of Directors: Sue Redston has stepped down as secretary and a board of director but is continuing as a member. Sue has been very active in the club and the members congratulate and thank her for all the efforts that she has made as secretary, a BOD, and also in volunteering in a great variety of activities that the club offers. Sue`s wonderful effort has greatly assisted to ensure the on-going success of our club. Many thanks Sue and we look forward to seeing you in the future.

BOD Frank Czajkowski will assume secretarial responsibilities until the Annual meeting in June when new elections for club officers and board members takes place.

 Welcome New Member---Grayson Foerst

CLUB ENTRY GATE----When locking the gate please be sure that the combination lock is placed under the protective cover to prevent the lock from freezing from rain and snow.

***The indoor range will be closed all  day on 1/19/19 for the butchering party for the game dinner.

 **The indoor range and kitchen will be closed from Friday morning Feb. 1st, thru all of Feb. 2nd

GAME DINNER -----The Game Dinner is scheduled for February 2, 2019    Tickets are $35/person. Doors open at 4PM. Dinner is served at 5PM

 This dinner is our largest fundraiser of the year

 +++The following dates are for volunteers that wish to work on this event:

    Jan, 19,2019,  Game Dinner butchering party;  Feb 2, 2109 volunteers are needed to set up before the dinner and the next day,  Feb 3,2019 to clean up after the dinner. Help is very much needed for cleanup after game dinner. If members are not attending the dinner they can come to the club about 7:30PM to assist with the clean-up.

 We also will need desert donations for the game dinner. In the last 15 years we have counted on club members to donate desserts for our game dinner. These donations have made our dinner very popular with the people that attend our dinner year after year, so let`s keep it going.

¬This event has grown in popularity each year it was held and has grown to the point where we cannot accommodate all who wish to attend. The tickets are sold out almost instantly; therefore it is imperative that you be very diligent in your pursuit for one of these coveted tickets. 

¬           The ticket sales began at the December 4 monthly meeting with tickets still available. The tickets are available to anyone who wants them. There is no quantity limit to the amount that can be purchased.   Tickets must be purchased from the President (Bob Bruno) directly and paid for by cash or check upon receipt. Tickets may be purchased by calling Bob at 860-250-2556 and arranging to pick them up or have them mailed to you. There will be no exceptions made for any member. . We have reduced the maximum number of tickets to be sold from previous years, there will be no walk ins allowed, member or not so purchase your tickets while they are still available

¬            Also, these tickets must be paid for with cash or check. We are not handing out any tickets that are not paid for in advance. No Exceptions.




We are seeking donations of door prize items and raffle items for our annual game dinner.  We ask that all items be in new unused condition.   If you would like to make a contribution please contact Chuck Brush at 203-577-7966

 *Algonquin Special Raffle

            Ticket sales for this gun raffle not doing as well as we need it to, with only a few weeks until the Game Dinner.  Members need to make a push to sell more. Please feel free to ask around work or at social gatherings for anyone that may be interested. 

            The winning tickets will be drawn at our game dinner on Feb 2, 2019. Winners do not have to be present. You do have to be able to legally possess a firearm in CT to claim one of these prizes. You can gift your winning ticket to someone who is properly permitted but that person will be the owner of the firearm and they must have a valid pistol permit or long gun eligibility certificate. The firearms are being purchased from Sportsman’s Outpost in Wolcott CT. and that is where the firearms need to be picked up from and transferred to the winners. Algonquin Archers pays all cost including transfer fee and sales tax; there is no cost to the winner.

           Ticket prices are $10 each, three for $25 or seven for $50, you designate which firearm your tickets are for, the firearms will be three separate drawings. When purchasing through the mail you need to tell me which ticket is for which firearm, I will write your choice on the ticket stub that gets mailed back to you. A SASE with your mailed in payment would be greatly appreciated. You can mail us a check or money order made out to Algonquin Archers Inc., please allow four to six weeks for your check to get deposited. You can also pay with PayPal if you like, as always use the “send money to friends and family” option so we avoid the transaction fee. Use your full name attached to your PayPal payment and at the same time send to me an email with your name, address and prize choices. Please, DO NOT make any reference to a raffle or firearms on PayPal. In most cases I will respond to your email right away confirming payment. Tickets will also be available at our monthly meetings, if for some reason I cannot attend a meeting I will let everyone know, I would prefer to do most sales through the mail and at the Dinner if possible.

Thank you for your continuing support.

Bob Bruno

92 Fieldstone Terrace

Naugatuck, CT 06770

 Savage Mark II Rimfire, 3-9x scope, detachable magazine, hardwood stock 

Savage Axis .308 , Synthetic Stock, 3-9x scope


Mossberg 500 12ga, 28” barrel with screw in chokes and 24” slug barrel with scope rail, wood stock 

***The chimney has been repaired, if anyone sees any sign of water leakage please call Bob Bruno 860-250-2556;


  Feb.12,300 Round:   March 23, 300 Round Championship

Contact: Sean Roberts;  


NOTE: the Registration Form and the Minor Waver Form can be gotten on ALGONQUIN ARCHERS.COM

Sunday Classes will continue on the following dates:,1/20,1/27,2/3,2/10,2/24,3/10,3/17

Monday Classes will continue on the following dates:


 ** There will be tournaments at the club on 2/17 and 3/3 which students are welcome to register and participate in. There is a separate fee for these tournaments. The March 2/3rd tournament is the CAA Ct State Championship. We will run a separate line exclusively for JOAD archers on Friday March 1’st for those interested in participating. The weekend of February 22-24 is Indoor Nationals in Fiskdale  MA. All travel team archers are encouraged to participate in this event.

 For additional information contact Chuck Brush at 203-577-7966 or


The fourth annual TOP Gun Archery Tournament will be held on January 20th at Hall’s Arrow in Manchester.  The tournament is sponsored by TBArchery and Oncore Targets.  All the top archers from throughout the Northeast are expected to participate.  Over $2000 in prize money was awarded last year.  We are going to try both a recurve and bare bow division with payouts based on participation.

This tournament is held the weekend before the Lancaster Classic and operates under the same rules so it is a great final practice for those traveling to Pennsylvania for the Classic.  There will be individual and team competitions.

Please note that we have moved to a larger venue to accommodate more archers and the facility is available for our use for the entire duration of our tournament.


The dates have been set for the JOAD and Indoor Nationals to be held at Tantasqua Regional High School in Fiskdale MA.  Registration can be done through the USArchery site.  Please be sure to register early in order to get your preferred times as they fill up very quickly.  The registration deadline is 2/9/18 with a late fee being charged for registrations received from 2/3-2/9.  Even if you are not participating, take a trip up to the venue and support our youth archers.


There is always a great need for volunteers to handle the large variety of work activities that are necessary to keep the club, it`s property, and it`s activities in operation.

The club has a program where members can receive a $10/hr credit, for a maximum of 5 hrs, $50, that will apply towards their next dues payment in the following Fiscal year, which is in the month of June.  

Frank Czajkowski,, must be contacted in order to record any work hours that a member has performed, to keep a total of a members work hours, and to assure the proper credit is applied.  



As an archery club, we are very fortunate to have an Indoor Range and 3 outdoor courses on our property: 3-D, Field, and Knock-a-Block. All members need to remember that multiple archers, can be  on any of the courses, at any given time.


Also, for your awareness, you may see hunters on the property. Do not be alarmed, as these are club members that have permission to bow hunt deer and turkey.

  Have fun, Stay Alert, and be aware of other shooters at all times.


* FACEBOOK ---- Algonquin Archers has a FACEBOOK page. Search “Algonquin Archers”




Junior Olympic Archery Development


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